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The 8-More allows the easy addition of 8 more zones to a RoomBox NT system up to a maximum of 24.

The 8-More has 8 built in amplifiers with loudspeaker outputs, 8 line-level passthrough audio inputs for the sources.


All configuration of zones in the 8-More is done through the RoomBox NT using the RoomBox NT configuration software. Zones on the 8-More just appear as extra zones on the RoomBox NT.

All zones have exactly the same features as zones on the RoomBox NT.

Mains Inlet

The unit must be connected to an earthed 230 V ac mains supply with a standard IEC connector.

Expansion ports

These are used for connection, using the special lead supplied to a RoomBox NT system to the CVX-HD video switcher. Do not plug or unplug anything into this port with any part of the system powered up. Both ports are exactly the same.

Source audio passthrough inputs 1 to 8

There are two sets of phono connectors connected together.

The are for the line-level audio inputs from the sources connected to the system, such as radio, MusicBox, DVD audio etc. One set of connectors is normally connected to the sources and the other set used to pass the signal on to the RoomBox NT.

Control Pad 1 to Control Pad 8

These are for RJ45 connectors to connect to the control pads via CAT 5 cable. For correct operation the pads must be plugged into the zone number corresponding to the zone number to which the pad has been configured.

In the first 8-More these represent zones 9-16.

Zone Speaker Connections

These must be connected using good quality 4-wire speaker cable to the pair of speakers in each zone. Note that all four wires must be used and no two wires must ever be connected together. Make sure that the speakers are phased correctly.

The zone numbers match the control pad zones.