Changing the battery chip

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This page tells you how to change the battery-backed clock chip in your Living Control system controller. The RoomBoxNT, RoomBox6, MRS, and EVENT all have a battery chip; make sure you order the chip for the correct product from Living Control. Note that changing this chip will result in loss of the configuration and title data. You should ensure you have the means to restore this before proceeding.

Completely disconnect the unit from the mains supply.

Take precautions against static damage.

Remove the lid.

Locate the battery chip on the top PCB. This is the large chip secured by a cable tie.

Cut the cable tie. This is only there to prevent the chip from shaking loose in transit, it need not be replaced if the unit is to remain in one place.

Note its orientation and, using a flat blade screwdriver or similar implement, remove the top chip of the stack. Be careful to lift it a both ends so that it comes out of the socket evenly without bending the pins. Keep this chip.

Note its orientation and remove the large block from the socket on the PCB in a similar manner. This is the battery chip.

The orientation is determined by the U-shaped mark/notch at one end of the chip. The mark on the top chip and the mark on the top face of the battery chip should both be aligned with mark on the PCB component placement silk screen (white outline). Note that incorrect orientation may cause permanent damage to the chips.

Insert the new battery chip into the socket on the PCB taking care that it is orientated correctly.

Insert the top chip into the battery chip taking care that it is orientated correctly.

When inserting chips take care that the pins engage correctly in the socket to ensure that they do not bend when pushed home.

Strap the chip in place with a new cable tie if required.

Replace the lid.

As this chip also provides the clock for alarms etc it will be necessary to set the time after the chip has been changed. It will also be necessary to re-set any alarms that are in use and reload the system configuration.