Connecting an Airport Express

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Apple 'Airport Express' is a means of playing from any 'Airplay' enabled product through an audio system. It provides a convenient way of playing directly from an iPhone, IPad, or iTunes to any room on your Living Control system without the need to dock or wire up your iPhone.


The audio signal on an Airport Express comes out of a 3.5 mm stereo jack socket (this also provides an optical output). To connect to a Living Control system you will need a 3.5 mm jack plug to twin phono plug lead. One like this or this for example.

The two phono plugs should be connected to an unused pair of phono inputs on the back of the RoomBox. You will then need to configure the RoomBox to use the input you have selected, for example, if you have plugged the Airport Express into input 4. you will need to configure source 4.


For instructions on how to configure a source, see the page on the specific Living Control controller that you have (for example RoomBox NT, RoomBox 6, RoomBox 4, MRS and Event, 3hree).

You should set the source to one which has no titles or tracks, Sky for example. Where possible, you should then change the name to something like 'Airport'.


To use the Airport first select the source that you have just added from a wall pad, or a PC, Mac, or iPhone app. It should show just 'Playing Airport' on the pad.

Setting up Airplay and playing from your Apple device

To set up airplay you need to follow the instructions that came with the Airport. For help with this contact Apple. Once you have set up airplay you must connect to the airport and then set the output on you iPhone, iPad, etc to play to the Airport rather than the internal speakers. Follow the instructions that came with your Apple devices to do this.