Connecting and configuring a VideoPad NT

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This page is intended for installers of RoomBox NT systems using the VideoPad NT


The VideoPad NT should be installed within a double UK electrical box at least 35mm deep. The electrical box must only have screw lugs fitted on the left and right sides. The VideoPad NT is not designed for installation in humid environments such as bathrooms and pools and must not be fitted in these environments.

Note that the screen has a protective plastic film over it which should be removed before use.

It is strongly recommended that this pad should be fitted at eye level.


The VideoPad NT should be connected only to a RoomBox NT controller using CAT 5 cable and RJ45 connectors. Take care not to damage any components when inserting the RJ45 plug into the socket on the VideoPad.


Note that entering any of the setup screens may activate the lighting control if installed.

Screen calibration

Screen calibration is performed at the factory as part of the final test on all VideoPad NTs, however, if the screen is behaving erratically the screen can be recalibrated by pressing and holding the centre of the words Living Control on the screen. Ignore any lighting windows which may appear and continue to press the screen until the calibration screen appears.

When the calibration screen appears, press the centre of the small square shown on the screen using a PDA stylus, a soft pencil or a ball point pen. Take care not to touch the screen anywhere else whilst you are doing this. Continue to touch the small square as directed. When the calibration is complete, the display should show 'Calibration OK' and some calibration data. Touch the screen anywhere to return to normal use.

If the display shows 'Calibration FAIL' repeat the calibration process taking care to touch the centre of the marked square but not anywhere else. If after, several attempts, the screen will not calibrate successfully contact Living Control for advice. The screen may need to be returned for repair.

Main setup

To enter the main setup menu, press and hold the Living Control 'bars' logo. Use the 'arrow' buttons to change menu item and the 'tick' button to select one. Press the 'cross' to exit.

Set zone

The VideoPad NT must be set to the zone corresponding to zone output that the speakers for that room are plugged in to. It should also be connected to the socket on the RoomBox corresponding to the zone selected. Although the pad will work if plugged into a different socket, the IR remote control will not control the correct zone if this is done.

Use the arrow keys to set the zone number, then press the 'tick' button.

IR Receive

The enable IR reception vie the IR receiver fitted to the pad. Set this to 'Enabled' if you wish to use any form of IR control in that zone, otherwise set it to 'Disabled'.


There are two settings for the backlight. 'Stay on' means it will stay on all the time, 'Switch off' means that it will only be on when a source is playing or the pad is in use.


This displays the full version number of the pad firmware and the zone number to which it has been set. Touch the screen anywhere to exit


This is for engineering diagnostics only.