Connecting and configuring a WaterPad NT

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This page is intended for installers of RoomBox NT systems using the WaterPad NT

The WaterPad NT is designed for installation in humid environments such as bathrooms and pools.


See the WaterPad fitting page for fitting instructions.

Important Note: Do not fit the RJ45 connector to the end of the CAT 5 cable until you have passed the cable through the back cover of the WaterPad


The WaterPad NT should be connected only to a RoomBox NT controller using CAT 5 cable and RJ45 connectors.

Do not make any other electrical connections to the WaterPad.


Press and hold the 'Mute' (top right) button (this may take up to 10 seconds) until the display shows 'Setup' in the top line to enter the setup menu. Use the left and right buttons to change items in the menu and the centre button to select them.


The WaterPad NT must be set to the zone corresponding to zone output that the speakers for that room are plugged in to. It should also be connected to the socket on the RoomBox corresponding to the zone selected. Although the pad will work if plugged into a different socket, the IR remote control will not control the correct zone if this is done.


This setting has no effect as there is no IR reception on a WaterPad.


This sets the display brightness when the 'Off screen' is displayed. It can be set at any level from completely off to full on.


You can set the backlight colour of the WaterPad to suit your decor. Chose one from the options available.

You should also set the offlight if you have changed the colour or installed the pad for the first time.


This sets the menu that you start with when you first touch the pad.

If set to 'Menu' you will start with the main menu, which includes items like lighting (if installed) and alarms and atmospheres. Select 'Music' from this menu to play music or video.

If set to 'Music' you will start with the 'Music' option from the main menu. Use it if you mainly use the pad for playing music in the room and do not often use it for lighting etc. With this option selected, it is still possible to access the main menu by pressing the left button the first time a music source is shown.


If set to 'On' the screen will the currently playing track name for MusicBox albums. If set to 'Off' it will show the album title.


This displays the full version number of the pad firmware.


Returns to normal running.