DisplayPad NT

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The DisplayPad-NT is our current single light switch sized wall display available in a range of standard and special finishes.

Although simple and discreet it can be used to access all the features of our system.

Checking the zone number setting

Press all three buttons briefly. The display will then show the zone number to which the pad has been set.


Entering the setup mode

To enter setup mode, press and hold all three buttons until the top line of the display shows, 'Setup'. The bottom line will probably show 'Zone'.

Setting the zone number

If it does already do so, press the left or right button until the bottom line says 'Zone'. When you have 'Setup', 'Zone' press the centre button. The top line will the say 'Set Zone' with the zone number on the bottom line. Use the right and left buttons to change the zone number to the required zone, then press the centre button. This will set the new zone and resume normal operation.