Fixed price repairs

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We will repair Living Control products for a fixed price, subject to our Fixed price repair terms and conditions. Your sending of a product to us for repair will be deemed acceptance of these conditions.


Please include paperwork with your repair showing:

  • who it is from Please give an email address and phone number in case we need to contact you.
  • the address to return it to
  • some indication of the problem you are experiencing.

Please make sure that you read our terms and conditions. Sending us a unit for repair confirms your acceptance of these conditions. If you have any questions on repairs ask on the talk page here before you send the unit.

Please send your repair to the address as shown below. Make sure that it is adequately packed to protect it from damage in transit. We will not accept responsibility for damage during transit to us.

If you do not have a credit account with us please send a cheque to the office address (shown below under the heading 'Office address') for the amount shown below made payable to Martin Hogbin or contact us for our bank account details for electronic payments. For customers without a credit account repair work will not be started until payment has been received.

Living Control is not VAT registered, there is no VAT to pay in these prices

If you are not sure what products you have, our identifying components in your Living Control system page will help you.

Engineer's reports

The purpose of our fixed price service is to make the repair process quick and efficient. For this reason we do not supply engineer's reports on the repair.


It is important that your unit is packaged properly when you send it to us for repair. We will return it in the same packaging and will not accept responsibility for damage in transit due to inadaquate packaging.


MusicBox £420 Note that we may not be able to repair some older MusicBoxes, depending on what the fault is. We do not charge for repair if this turns out to be the case. There will be an additional charge of £100 if you ask us use an external agency to recover the media. This will be returned if we are unable to do this.

RoomBox NT £360

8-More £240

4-More £240

CVX-HD £240 (excluding additional HDMI modules)

VideoPad NT £120

ColourPad NT £240

DisplayPad NT £84

RakoPad NT £84 for repair of DisplayPad part only. Rako faults will require replacement of Rako module at additional cost.

RoomBox 4 £240

VideoPadAV £144

3hree £240

RoomBox 6 £360

RoomBox 6 VX £400

MRS_and_Event £420

CVX, CVX-S £240

VideoPad £120

ColourPad £240

DisplayPad £84

WaterPad £96

RakoPad £84 for repair of DisplayPad part only. Rako faults will require replacement of Rako module at additional cost.

Studio 6/3 We do not do fixed price repairs on these products. We suggest that you contact the original designers Startide

Unless you have an account with us, you should send a cheque for the sum shown above to the office address shown below. Goods will not be returned until the appropriate repair fee is paid.


Send all products for repair, with your cheque, to:

Living Control
3 Detillens Lane

Please make cheques payable to Martin Hogbin