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Make sure that you have the latest update of the app.

Known issues with V5.1

There are known problems with the iPhone app. These are unlikely to be resolved.

MusicBox software version

Check your MusicBox software is the latest version. This is shown on the MusicBox front panel display.

The latest version is 3.94. If you do not have this contact your dealer for an update disc. Please quote your current software version.

Hanging when caching

It is possible that certain characters (such as '/', '\') embeddin in titles will cause the iPhone to hang when caching. These can be removed by editing the titles using the PC or Mac clients.

Hanging when connecting

The app may hang when connecting by WiFi to your MusicBox due to a temporary poor WiFi connection.

If this happens you should try the following, in the order shown below.

Completely stop the app

Stop the app normally with the 'square' button on your iPhone.

Double click the 'square' button. This should bring up a row of apps that are running in the background.

Press and hold the Living Control app. This should add '(-)' tags to all the icons.

Press the (-) tag on the Living Control app to completely stop it.

Check the iPhone and MusicBox are both connected to the correct network

When iPhones lose connection with a network the automatically search for one to connect to. This may be a different network to the one that your MusicBox is on. Other functions, such an internet connection, may still work but the iPhone will be unable to connect to the MusicBox.

It is possible to check that the MusicBox is connected properly to the same network as your iPhone by downloading a free app called iNet.

If you get this app to scan your network you should see the MusicBox. This will show up as an IP address with words like, 'VIA Networking Technologies, Inc.' below it.

If you do not see this, check that your MusicBox is connected to your network. If it is connecting via WiFi you should see a number (preferably from 7 to 9) with an aerial symbol in the top right hand corner of the front display. Also check that your iPhone is connected to the same network.

Check that your iPhone is not trying to access the MusicBox via your mobile phone connection

As a diagnostic tool you can disable mobile phone connection by selecting 'Airplane mode' in your iPhone settings.

Make sure that WiFi connect is enabled

Do this your settings page.

Clear the IP address cache

To do this, go to the settings page for the app and delete any IP address shown.

Restart the app

When you restart the app you should then see the local IP address of the MusicBox in window at the bottom of the screen. Select this address.

Music not starting with RoomBox NT

Sometimes on RoomBox NT-based systems the music may not sound when you first select it.


Press 'Off' then reselect the source.

Tracks out of sync

Sometimes the first item in the list of tracks is duplicated leading to the wring track being played when selected.


Select next track then previous track.