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The loudspeaker outputs on all Living Control products provide 40 W rms into 2 ohms. This means that they can be used with almost all loudspeakers. For large rooms up to three pairs of standard hi-fi speakers can be connected in parallel. This has the advantage of reducing potential noise and interference on long cable runs and also of not requiring an output capacitor.

It is important to note that the outputs are balanced (bridge-tied load) with a + and - output for each speaker. No two outputs must ever be connected together and a four-wire connection is always required to a pair of speakers.

Make sure that each pair of speakers connected are phased correctly.


In rare cases electromagnetic interference from sources such as radio transmitters or lighting controllers (often Lutron) will prevent the amplifiers from starting. This causes an easily identifiable problem, when a source is played in a zone there is no audio output. If you unplug and plug back in a the speaker connection to the RoomBox while it is playing you get sound. The solution is to fit our Speaker filters.