MRS and Event

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The MRS was our original product. The Event was a version with additional features. Both units are now discontinued. They were superseded by the RoomBox 6.


The MRS and Event will control up to 6 zones and 6 sources.

Connection to the control pads

The Event must be connected the control pads using CAT 5 cable. Connections are as shown here

MusicBox compatibility

For compatibility with the MusicBox 3 and later, MRS and Event require software version 4.1 to be fitted.

Version 2.8 and later will work with some older MusicBoxes.

Setup software

You can download setup software for the MRS and Event from here.

Ir Sources

MRS and Event will control the following sources.

Ir Control No Product Software Version
1 Pioneer CD
2 Technics CD
3 Technics Tuner
4 Technics Tape
5 Sony CD
6 Denon Tuner
7 RC5 CD
8 Sony tuner
9 Denon tape
10 Xantec Macronizer
11 Pioneer tuner
12 Sony tape
13 RC5 tuner
14 RC5 tape
15 Denon CD
16 Kenwood CD
17 Yamaha CD
18 Yamaha tuner
19 Yamaha tape
20 Yamaha multi CD (old)
21 Pioneer 6-disc CD
22 Sky
23 On Digital
25 Superswitch
26 RC5 DAB
27 Denon multi-CD
28 Sony minidisc
29 Pioneer DVD
30 Yamaha DVD
32 Sony VCR
33 Sony VCR tuner
34 Panasonic VCR
35 Panasonic VCR tuner
36 Sony DVD
39 Sony multi-DVD
40 Sony DAB tuner
41 Videologic DAB tuner
42 Sky +
43 Not used 1

Speaker connections

The MRS and Event use a different type of speaker connector from later Living Control products. Connections are as at Speaker connections.