MusicBox and Studio6 control software clients

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This is software to control your Living Control system from other products such as PCs.

Nokia N800 OS2008 and N810 (direct to device) [1]

MusicBox and Studio 6 Clients

The first place to look for clients for your MusicBox or Studio 6 should be on the server itself. This will ensure that the client you get is compatible with the software on the server. Connect the server to a network and navigate to it. On the MusicBox you should see a folder called 'Clients'. Look on here for a suitable client.

Updating MusicBox software will automatically update the client software on it. When you update your MusicBox software make sure to get and install the new client software from it.

Latest version



This works on desktop and laptop PCs and the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet running the full version of Windows 8


Zip file V1.52[[3]


Windows Mobile [4]

Not for use on current tablet PCs

Older versions



Links to old website Dealer Zone

Windows PC [6]

Windows Mobile [7]

Mac OS [8]