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This is the page giving help for the Living Control range of MusicBoxes. Please use the discussion page (click the tab at the top) to ask questions.

Fixed price repair

Subject to our conditions, MusicBoxes can be repaired for a fixed price.

Setting Up

You can find general information on setting up the MusicBox here

To change settings on the MusicBox, start by pressing the button marked Menu. For each menus screen you use the up and down arrows to change your selection then the OK button to select the item. This will often take you to a new menu level wher you repeat the process. Use the Back button to go backwards.

Getting music titles via broadband

Some older MusicBoxes were set up to get music titles from a dial-up modem. Most of the original dial-up connections have now closed so it will be necessary to connect the MusicBox to the internet via a home network to do this.

Disabling the modem

Before setting up the network connection you should disable the modem. To do thus use:

Menu - Setup Unit - Setup Internet - Use Modem:. Then select OK.

The screen will ask whether you wish to use a modem. Use the arrow buttons to change the answer to No then press OK.

Connecting to your network

Wired connection

This is the preferred method of connection and should be used where possible. Use a standard (straight through, not crossover) CAT 5 cable with standard RJ45 (ethernet) connectors. Plug one end into the network connection on the back of the MusicBox and the other into an unused network connection socket on your router.

Menu - Setup Unit - Setup Network - Wired. Then select OK.

The screen will ask whether you wish to use that interface. Use the arrow buttons to change the answer to Yes then press OK.

The screen will then ask whether you wish to use automatic (DHCP) settings. Use the arrow buttons to change the answer to Yes then press OK

The display will then say 'Reset Network Please Wait' and then return to the running screen.

Wireless connection

Use this connection if you cannot get a wired connection to the MusicBox. Later MusicBoxes have a built-in WiFi. Your unit will have a short WiFi antenna attached if it has this feature. If you have built-in Wi-Fi then select:

Menu - Setup Unit - Setup Network - Wireless. Then select OK.

You will then be asked if you wish to scan for access points. Use the arrow buttons to change the answer to Yes then press OK

The display will show all WiFi networks in range. Select the name (SSID) of your home network and press OK.

You will the be prompted to enter the password for you WiFi network. Use the arrow keys to step through the characters and the Nxt button to move to the next character. Use the Back button to go back to make corrections. When you have entered all your password press and hold Nxt until the screen changes.

The screen will then ask whether you wish to use automatic (DHCP) settings. Use the arrow buttons to change the answer to Yes then press OK

The display will then say 'Reset Network Please Wait' and then return to the running screen.

If you do not have built in WiFi you will need to purchase a third party wireless bridge. This must be set up in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction. Living Control cannot provide technical support for this. The WiFi bridge must be wired into the network port on the MusicBox. You must then set up the MusicBox to use a Wired connection as described above.

Manual setup

Automatic (DHCP0 settings should work on most systems but if they do not work on your home network you may need to change the settings manually. It is always best to select automatic settings first, even if you intend to set up the connection manually'.

Manual settings require some knowledge of networks and your home network setup. You may need to consult a network specialist to help you choose the correct settings. You can ask questions on the discussion page here. If you cannot access that page email Living Control.

CD Titles

If correctly set up the MusicBox should automatically get titles for the album and tracks from the database at when you rip a CD. Generally 95% of CDs should be found on the database

In order to get titles the MusicBox must have an internet connection. This can be wired or, if your MusicBox has built-in WiFi, wireless.

If you have problems with getting titles from the internet it is worthwhile asking yourself when the problems first started as this may give a clue as to what the problem might be. For example a power cut might corrupt some of the settings or a router change may require different settings.

Trouble shooting

MusicBox settings

Check that the MusicBox network and internet settings are correct. See section above.

Copy protected CDs

A few CDs had strange copy protection schemes which stopped our system from working. These cannot be ripped on to the MusicBox. Copy protection on CDs is uncommon now.

Home-made compilations

Compilation CDs that you have made yourself will not be found on the FreeDb database.

WiFi connection

If you are using the built-in wireless connection on the MusicBox you should see a connection streng the indicator, consisting of an antenna symbol and a number, in the top right-hand corner of the display. '9' is a good signal and '1' is a very poor signal. If the signal is not good you might need to reposition your WiFi router or add a booster or relay device of some kind.

If the signal is very poor or absent you should try rebooting your WiFi router. If this does not resolve the problem you can also try re-selecting the wireless connection from the front panel, as shown in MusicBox_settings#Setup_network. If this does not resolve the problem then it is worth selecting a different WiFi network (preferably one with different encryption WPA/WEP method) if you can find one, then re-selecting your own network.

FreeDb database

Sometimes this database can go down for a period of time but this is not common. If we are aware of a long period when the site is down we will note that here.

Loading music onto the MusicBox via an Apple Mac

On newer Apple Macs you will see the MusicBox listed as media player but be unable to access it. To do this you will need to mount it as a drive. To do this:

1. Identify the IP address of your Musicbox from the front panel or using an IP scanner

2. Open Finder window, press CMD+K

3. in the server address type smb:// (replace this with your Music box ip address)

4. Click on the “+” beside the address to store it for future use

5. Click connect

6. You will be given options to connect to which ever shares are available, select the one you wish to access and click on OK

7. You will be given the option to connect with guest level access or with user credentials. Please choose the correct option and click on OK

8. You will now see the share folder open ready to be accessed.

Not found what you are looking for

If you cannot find the help you need here, ask on the discussion page. For instructions on doing this, see Help:Contents#Asking_a_question