MusicBox update CD

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If you have Software version 3.76 or later in your MusicBox, it is possible to update the software with an update CD.

Put this CD in the front of the MusicBox. After a few seconds, the MusicBox should detect the update CD and ask if you want to install the update. Press the indicated button on the front panel to start the update. The update occurs in two stages. After the first stage, the CD will be ejected and the front panel display will ask you to re-insert it. When the update is complete the disc will be ejected again and the MusicBox will shut down. Just press the right hand button to start the MusicBox again.

The update CD should not change or remove any of the media on your MusicBox but no responsibility for lost or damaged media due to customer updates is accepted. You do the update at your own risk.

Older software versions

If your current software is older than 3.67, you may need to return the unit to us for (chargeable) upgrade. You might like to consider making use of our MusicBox upgrade deal. Alternatively you can try the update CD.