MusicBox update disc

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A MusicBox update disc is used to update the software on a MusicBox


1 To use an update disc the MusicBox should be switched on and running.

2 Insert the disc into the CD slot.

3 The MusicBox should detect the update disc and display 'Update' and an eject symbol on the front screen.

4 Press the button under 'Install' (centre button) to continue with the update.

5 The update disc will check the file versions on the CD start stage 1 of the process.

6 After a short while the disc will be ejcted and the screen will say 'system shutdown'

7 The screen will then change to say 'Please Re-Insert Update CD'

8 Re-insert the CD.

9 Updating will continue with Stage 1, Stage 2, Clients.

10 The disc will be ejected and further updates of podcasts and other files may take place as indicated on the screen.

11 Remove the CD

12 When all updates have been completed the MusicBox will enter the normal shutdown procedure and turn off completely.

The update is now complete.

Press the right hand button to restart the MusicBox. The display should show that version 3.94 is now running.


An update disc should be used on one MusicBox only, using the same disc on other MusicBoxes may produce unpredictable results.

The update disc was originally designed to update versions 3.67 and above although it does usually run sucessfully on most earlier versions.

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