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This is the new wiki for Pro Video Instruments products which are distributed in the UK by Reverberate Ltd. The site is currently hosted on the Living Control site. This site is currently being updated to show the latest range of products.

Pvilogo.jpg Provideoinstruments-vecoax-t4-quad-hdmi-to-dvb-t-modulator-image.jpg

  • FOUR HD Videos to DVB-T distribution solution in a box !

The LOWEST cost-per-channel on the Market !!

  • Works on existing Antenna Coax Cable. SAVE on installation time, no need to cut holes in walls, no need to run new wires, no need for special adapters or boxes with power supplies on each TV. Just rescan each TV to find your new distributed HD channels.
  • Easy Installation, setup and control through the local display that allows user friendly operations and instantaneous status monitoring.

Global Remote control is also possible, through the provided Software.

  • FOUR HDMI inputs for perfect HD picture quality together with real-time Video processing for the best Full HD / Full frame outstanding video also on high-motion sport and signage apps, and ultra low latency.
  • Built-In RF mixer does not require external mix box and integrates to any existing antenna coax system merging signal with the existing channels
  • Simultaneous IP Streaming out to provide HDTV viewing also to any Iphone / Ipad / PC and IP Set Top Box via your Wifi or Lan.
  • Expand to unlimited channels just adding more boxes easy when needed.
  • ASI Input to Feed External channels and remux it to the DVB-T, ASI and IP outputs together or exchanged with the local Four HD programs.
  • Rack mount / Desktop can be operated anywhere, plug an play, also signals from different areas of the building can be injected to the antenna coax network locally, so there is no need for all signals in one room.

Here is the Full product range