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The RAV-NT is the interface between a RoomBox NT and a Rako lighting system. It is a Rako RAV232+ modified by Living Control and retains the RAV232+ label. It can be distinguished by the lead. The RAV NT has a 4-way jack plug, the RAV232+ has a 9-Pin D-Type connector.

It can only be used with a RoomBox NT and will only control Rako lighting.


The RAV-NT should be plugged into the Rako socket on the RoomBox NT. This is the jack socket above the expansion port. See RoomBox NT rear panel connections. Ensure the jack is pushed fully home. When properly connected, the blue light on the RAV-NT should illuminate. This light will flash when the RAV-NT sends a command signal to the lighting system.

House Number

The house number of the RAV-NT must be set to match that of the Rako lighting system to be controlled. The house number is often set the the actual number of the house in which the system is fitted. Sometimes it is left at the default value of 1. Contact Rako for further information on house number setting.

The house number of the RAV-NT can be set from the front panel of the RoomBox-NT. Buttons are numbered 1 to 5 starting at the left.

Ensure the RAV-NT is connected to the RoomBox NT and the RoomBox-NT is switched on.

Press the right hand button (5) on the front panel to bring up a menu.

Press the center button (3), marked as 'House'.

Use buttons 1 and 3 to change the house number to the desired value.

When the correct value is shown, press button 2. This will set the RAV-NT house number and exit the menu.

The house number setting takes a while to take effect. Do not use any lighting controls for at least 10 minutes after the house number has been set.