RoomBox 6 Problems

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This is a page where you can find solutions to common problems with the RoomBox 6. If you problem is not solved here ask on the Help Page.

Low volume on some zones

The RoomBox 6 has a user settable volume limit in each zone. Sometimes this can get accidentally set to a low level. This will mean that when the user tries to increase the volume the display will not go above a certain value (the normal maximum is 63). To fix this you will need reset the configuration using the RoomBox 6 PC configuration software.

Read the existing configuration from the RoomBox and, on the 'zones' page, completely delete the value in 'Max volume' and enter 64. Save the config and resend it to the RoomBox.

If the volume display on the wall pad will go up to 63 but the volume is still low, check for a speaker problem or cable short.