RoomBox NT front panel controls

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The buttons on the front panel of the RoomBox NT are mainly for diagnostic and some setup purposes. Most setup functions are accessed through the PC configuration. The buttons are numbered 1 to 5 from the left in the descriptions below.

Press button 5 to enter the main menu. Press and hold button 1 and press button 5 to enter RoomBox NT special diagnostics. Not that this is intended for engineer use only.

Setting the clock

Press button 1 from the main menu to enter clock setting.

The first thing to be set is the day of the week, press button 3 to move forward one day and button 1 to move back. Press button 2 to accept the date and move on to the next item.

Set the year, month, day, hour and minute using the same procedure. The cursor will move to show which item is being set. After the minute has been set pressing button 2 will show the word 'SET'. Press button 2 again to accept the time and date entered. The seconds will be reset to 0 when you do this.

Zone connection display

Press button 2 to show which zones (from 1 to 20) have connected to pads. A 'Y' below a number show that that zone is properly connected. A '-' shows no connection or a bad connection. Zones will show as connected according to the zone set on the pad, regardless of which socket they are plugged in to. For proper operation with IR remote controls however it is essential that the pads are plugged into sockets matching their zone number.

Press button 2 again to remove the zone display before exiting the menu or moving on to another menu item otherwise it will continue to show.

Rako house number

Press button 3 to set the Rako house number.

Use button 1 to decrement it by 1 and button 3 to increment it by 1. Press button 2 to save it.