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RoomEvents are a feature of the RoomBox 6 and the Event products. They enable Rako lighting to be controlled in each room. You will need a RAV LC which can be obtained from Rako.

RoomEvents are programmable from the room pads.

Setting up Rako

The Rako lighting must be set up so that the room number in each room is four times the Living Control zone number in that room. For example, if the kitchen is set to zone 3 the Rako lighting in that room must be set to room 12.

For curtain control select the room number times four, plus 1. For example, if the kitchen is set to zone 3 the Rako lighting in that room must be set to room 13.

It is also necessary to know the house number to which the Rako system has been set. By default, it is set to 1 but it is often set by the installer to the actual number of the house.

In each room you should set up to 4 scenes that you will be able to select via the Living Control system.

For further details on setting up Rako systems contact Rako.

Fitting a RAV LC

The RAV LC should be plugged into any unused wall pad port on the RoomBox/Event. If there are no free ports, it can share a port with a wall pad using an RJ45 splitter.

Setting the Rako house number on the RoomBox 6

In the instructions that follow the buttons on the front panel are numbered 1 to 5 from left to right.

Press button 2 to enter the setup mode.

Use Buttons 1 and 3 to move the cursor to features and press button 2 to select 'features'.

In the same way, select 'lights'.

Use buttons 1 and 3 to set the same house number as the Rako system.

Select this using button 2.

Select 'Exit' on the menus to return to normal operation.

Setting up a RoomEvent from a DisplayPad

To get into the RoomEvent menu press the two outside buttons of the DisplayPad. This will enter the alarms and events menu. Select 'Events'. then set the following:


In every room there are four events.

Once/Everyday/M to F/...

Select the days on which you wish enet to occur. 'Once' means that the event will be activated once only.


Set the time for the event


Set the time for the event


Select as required.


Select the lighting scene required

When the scene has been set, the pad will run through a review of the settings


Press 'Acccept' to activate the event.