Setting up a radio tuner

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The roomBox NT and RoomBox 6 can be set up so that stations can be selected by name from the wall pads. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

Set up the tuner

Make sure that you have the correct type of aerial connected to the tuner. On DAB tuners run 'autotune' to find all the available stations.

Set up a number, say 9, of preset channels that you want to use on the tuner. The way to do this dependes on the tuner that you have.

Make a list of what the radio station of each preset number is. For example Preset 1 - BBC Radio 1, Preset 2 - Capital ...

Configure the RoomBox

To do this you will need to download and run the PC configuration software for the RoomBox that you have. You must then set the source to the correct model of tuner used. If the exact model is not listed try one of the same brand. This usually works.

In the configuration software enter the titles of the preset radio stations. Title 1 should be preset 1 etc.

Make sure that you save the configuration on the PC, and make a backup, and so that you will not have to enter the preset tiles again if the RoomBox loses its config for any reason.

Fit a blink emitter

Plug a blink emitter into the appropriate IR output on the RoomBox and put the emitter over the IR receiver on the tuner. Make sure that you put it in the right place on the tuner.

On the RoomBox 6 the appropriate IR output for source 3 is always IR output 3. This is the default setting for the RoomBox NT but it can be changed in the config software.


When you select a radio station, different from the one already playing, on a wall pad the blink emitter should flash. If it does not, make sure that the configuration is correct and that the blink emitter is plugged into the right socket on the RoomBox.

If the blink emitter does flash you should see the display on the tuner selecting the chosen preset. If there is no reaction from the tuner, check that the blink emitter is in the right place and that the configuration is correct. The correct place for the blink emitter is where the IR receiver is, which is often marked on the front panel.However, some front panel markings can be deceptive.

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