Source-specific IR passthrough

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Source-specific IR passthrough refers to the transmission of an IR signal from a pad in a room that is playing a source to that source only, for example from the pad in a room that is playing a radio station to the radio tuner that is being used. The IR signal is not transmitted to other sources and it is not transmitted from rooms that are switched off or are playing another source.

IR passthrough allows you to use the remote control that was supplied with a source to control it from a room that is using that source. For example you could use a Sky remote control to control a Sky box from a room that is playing Sky.

Source-specific passthrough does not allow you to control a source from a room that is not playing that source. To do this you need to use global IR passthrough.

It is often not necessary to use any form of IR passthrough to control a source as the sources will be controlled by controller-generated IR signals or RS232.