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Two full 1080p HD video outputs and 4 audio outputs

All outputs may be used simultaneously.

2 TB hard drive

Graphical user interface

The Studio 6 has an on-screen graphical selection of video media that.

The GUI is controlled using range of infrared remote controls, including Sky, Sky+, Windows Media Centre, and our own special codes. You can set the remote to be used from the front panel.

Can be controlled from a PC, iPhone, iPad, and other devices

There is client software available to control the Studio 6 and, in some cases, whole multiroom system from a number of platforms, such as the iPod or PC. It is essential that the run the correct client for the version of software that you are running on the Studio 6. The correct versions of clients can be found on the hard drive of the Studio itself.

Getting client software from the Studio drive

To get the client you should connect using CAT 5 cable the MusicBox to a network using the RJ54 socket on the rear of the unit. Usually the MusicBox network socket can be connected directly to one of the free sockets on your router. Having made this connection, you should be able to use a computer on your network to navigate to the MusicBox, where you will find a folder called 'clients'. The client software in her will be correct for the software on your MusicBox. If you MusicBox software has been updated, the client software on the hard drive will automatically be updated. You may therefore need to re-install it to ensure compatibility.

Front panel settings

The front panel can be used to set up the unit and change settings.

Details of the settings can be found at Studio_6_configuration

Update server

Set this to:

This will allow your Studio 6 to receive automatic software updates from our update server.

Remote support

It may be possible to fix some problems with the Studio 6 remotely. You can get more information from here

Under construction - some images

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