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This page gives fitting instructions for the the WaterPad NT, which must be used with the RoomBox NT. The instructions also apply to the discontinued WaterPad, which must be used with a RoomBox 6 or a RoomBox 4.

The WaterPad NT can be installed within a single UK electrical box at least 35mm deep. The electrical box must only have screw lugs fitted on the left and right sides.

It can also be surface mounted using the surface mounting adapter supplied. If required, this should be first screwed to the wall using the three fixing lugs, one at the top and two at the bottom.

Important Note: Do not fit the RJ45 connector to the end of the CAT 5 cable until you have passed the cable through the back cover of the WaterPad


The WaterPad NT comes in four main parts: the electronic module and front plate, the front cover, the rear cover, and the surface mount adapter.

First remove the front cover by carefully unlatching it at the bottom. The bottom of the plate may be gently pulled downwards to disengage the retaining lug. This will reveal the four screws which attach the rear cover. Remove and keep these screws and then remove and keep the transparent rear cover.

Assembly and Fixing

Switch off the RoomBox and disconnect from the power supply.

With a suitable sharp object or drill make a small hole through the grommet on the rear cover and pass the CAT 5 connecting cable through this hole. It should be a tight fit to prevent water ingress.

Fit the RJ45 connector to the cable.

Plug the RJ45 connector into the socket on the electronic module taking care not to damage any of the electronic components.

Do not make any other electrical connections to the WaterPad.

Carefully fit the rear cover onto the front plate to enclose the electronic module, including the silica gel sachet supplied, and secure with the original screws.

Fit the assembly into the back box or surface mount adapter as required using the two screws supplied.

Power up the system and test the operation of the WaterPad NT.

Fit the front cover.